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Working with TradeWinds is as much a lifestyle as it is a job, where you are continually busy caring for your guests' well-being and providing a quality charter experience... ensuring all our guests are having a "vacation of their lifetime".

Our crew opportunities at TradeWinds are all within the marine hospitality industry, and are for crew who are people orientated go-getters, self motivated, fit and energetic.

Most of our charter catamarans are operated by two crew members, and we therefore generally employ crew couple teams in the form of Captain and First Mate/Chef, with either of you being a qualified Dive Master*.

Occasionally we have opportunities available for single crew members such as Captain, 1st Mate/Chef, Engineer or Deckhand, where it is also an advantage to be a qualified Dive Master*.

*Dive Master - It is a prerequisite for the job that at least one crew member for each charter yacht has a qualified Dive Master on board as we offer free scuba diving to the members of TradeWinds.

The position

Your charter schedule is generally two back-to-back 7-day charters; one week off-charter; then two back-to-back 7 day charters... and so forth. Occasionally you will have three back-to-back 7 day charters; and occasionally you could have two consecutive off-charter weeks.

During your off-charter weeks you are to balance your time - so as to have some down-time while caring for and stocking the yacht you are working on, to ensure it is in peak condition for your next charter.

We require a commitment of a minimum of 1 year for all crew positions within TradeWinds.

Successful candidates will receive onsite training.

Next steps

If TradeWinds sounds like a company that you would like to be a part of, please click on the following link to complete our application process. We look forward to hearing from you.

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